Hello everyone. Well, it's official. After four solid weeks of studying, I recently took and passed my FAA Remote Pilot 107 exam, and can now legally begin to offer aerial drone photography services! This is an idea that I had been considering for quite some time, and knew that it was a step that I was going to have to make in order to take my business to the next level.

Betides spending countless hours behind the computer, studying the course I chose to go with, Remote Pilot 101, which I can't say enough great things about, I have been also spending time actually flying my new drone. It's one thing to compose a photo from 4 feet on a tripod, and quite another challenge to compose a photo from 80 feet in the air! Needless to say, I believe that I'm getting the hang of it and can't wait to book my first drone job with a client. For my next post, I hope I'm able to fill you all in on how that went.

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