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One Week at a Time

I'm sitting here writing this on a nice, cool, overcast Sunday morning, reflecting on another week gone by and all the opportunities, and particularly challenges it presented. I'm sure others who pursue the endeavor of Real Estate Photography, have come to develop their own system of how they manage their schedules. For me, I've been taking the approach of taking things one week at a time. I tend to use Sundays (unless I have a job) as a day to get caught up on things around the house, do a somewhat extensive gear check prepping for the week to come, and taking time to either further hone my craft by studying tutorials, looking at what other people whose work I admire have been doing, and reaching out to perspective clients in the endless pursuit of seeking out new clients to work with.

I called 2017 the "Year of Gear", it was my goal to obtain all the gear that I deemed necessary to be able to do my best work. For the most part I achieved that goal, although I'm learning that the quest for new gear is one that appears to be never-ending! My goal for 2018 was to build my client base, and having gotten busier than I was in 2017, I've found this goal to be a bit more difficult to achieve than I had hoped.

However, it is Sunday, I have the day off, and I'm sitting in front of a computer. It's time to get busy! Enjoy the rest of your weekend everybody, and have a great week!

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