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Year Two

Wow, it's hard to believe that I''m about half way through my second year in business. A couple of days ago I took some time to look back at my journey over the since beginning this exciting adventure into the world of Real Estate Photography. From my first paid gig for a house in San Marcos, photographed using HDR, (resulting in images I cringe while looking at!), to evolving into the use of off-camera flash with multiple lights, bracketing, and hand-blending the images in post-production. It makes me wonder how much farther my technique will progress in another two years.

It's not only my gear and technique that's evolved since beginning back in November of 2016, but what I've learned on the business side as well. The world of Real Estate Photography, well, really the world of Real Estate in general, seems to be one that is highly unpredictable, consistently fluctuating, never dull. From a photographer's viewpoint, I love the fact that I have no idea of what I'm going to walk in to when I pull up to a home. Unlike a studio setting, where every element is under your control, from the lighting, to posing your subject, Real Estate Photography is almost totally out of your control.

Multiple light sources (often in a single room), homeowners or agents constantly changing the scene (often after you've already began taking the pics), pets to deal with, children to deal with, heat, humidity, cold, inclement weather, the list goes on and on! Some shoots go smooth as butter, while others make you want to scream (inside of course!), but the job is never dull as a result. Having worked for over six years sitting behind a desk in an office, in a setting that rarely ever changed, I relish the opportunity to be out on the road, seeing a different scene every day, eating countless lunches in my car, and meeting so many interesting and wonderful people. I couldn't imagine doing anything else, and can't wait to see what the next two years has in store!

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