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1.  What is Commercial Photography?


     In short, commercial photography is used primarily for businesses looking to promote their brand via a website,             social media pages, etc.   If you're unsure if Commercial Photography is the correct genre you may need,

     just remember, If you're a business owner looking for images to promote your business, then you fall under the               commercial photography category.  Real Estate Photography, and Airbnb & VRBO Photography are totally different         rates for different licenses and uses.

     The type of commercial photography I offer is tailored to stagers, designers, architects, builders, pretty much any           business that is involved in the designing, building, and decorating of a space.

2.  What is your turnaround time?

     Within seven days from the shoot.

3.  What are your payment terms?

      I require a 50% deposit at the time of booking, and the remaining balance to be paid upon download of the photos.

4.  What are your licensing terms?

      I offer an extended license to use the media to promote your business in perpetuity.  This license extends to you,            and only you.  If a third-party inquires about the media, you are required to direct them to me.





















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